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PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a therapeutic use of pulsating magnetic fields and is applied using PEMF devices. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. Natural electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry. When this energy is disrupted (by a bruise or traumatic injury, a tough workout, a bad diet, or simply from getting older), our cells are impaired. When your cells aren’t healthy, your body isn’t healthy, in whole or in part.

By introducing a complementary electromagnetic field into the body, you can reestablish healthy electromagnetic exchanges. This is why PEMFs (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields) are so valuable – they stimulate all levels of the body. They are applied externally, and then fully penetrate the body, affecting individual cells and therefore tissues, organs, and complete body systems.

Over 2,000 studies have proven the cellular and biological effects of PEMF.

The word metabolism is often associated with losing weight and having energy, but there are numerous forms of metabolism in the brain and the body. Cellular metabolism is a different concept altogether. This is where the science of PEMF therapy becomes critical.

PEMF therapy increases cellular metabolism and can dramatically change the condition of the body. Where illness and injury reside, they can no longer take up residence once cellular metabolism has increased. Your nerve cells are stimulated by a potassium pump. When that pump isn’t working, cells begin to die, nerves begin to show injury and damage, and the body begins to feel ill. Scientific research tells us that when the potassium pump has malfunctioned, edema is present. This means that swelling may begin to show up around the ankles or other extremities. Additionally, it is this breakdown of cellular strength that can aid in the growth of cancer cells. Research has shown that PEMF therapy can play a key role in the healing and repair of cells as well as the healing of nerves.

Cellular Health

PEMFs stimulate the cells and bring oxygenation to the cells. When this oxygenation is present, it means that the body is able to aid the body in producing its own energy source. Cells can then begin to create new healthy cells as well as eliminate toxins.

There are numerous functions of the cells, and these are just a few.

When the defence is down, free radicals can take their toll on the body. This is why the use of sound nutritional supplementation is always advised.

Preventing the entrance of free radicals, or at least strengthening the body’s natural defences to fight them off, is vital to your health and wellness.

When free radicals do enter the cells, they can cause the proliferation that causes cancer and other diseases to form in the body.

PEMF therapy has been shown to improve the function of the cell membrane. The function of your cell membrane is to regulate the environment around the cell. This happens to ensure that the biological processes inside your cells are regulated too.

Your cells have very important daily functions, including:

Absorbing nutrients, hydration, and proper elements inside them.

Eliminating waste.

When your cells are sick or injured, they are unable to perform their duties. The worst part is that without waste elimination, the cells become toxic. Your cells actively select what goes in and what should leave. This is miraculous in itself. This ability to select is known as "permeability.". How is it controlled? This is all controlled via membrane potential. This potential is what gives the cell a unique voltage outside the cell versus what is inside the cell. All normal cells function at a rate of 70 to 100 millivolts. Cells that are injured or damaged can only operate at a voltage of 30 to 50 millivolts.

By transferring energy, PEMF has been used to improve functions like:

  • Rate of injury healing
  • Immune function
  • Sleep
  • Depression
  • Physical energy
  • Bone healing and density
  • Circulation
  • PEMF Keeps the batteries charged

Bedford Bodyworks PEMF Devices

Curatron Ultra and Curatron Super PC PEMF

Top of the line State-of-the-Art Curatron PEMF System

The Ultra-Power Curatron 3-D system offers the highest PEMF power in combination with a 3-dimensional 50-millimeter Tesla high-power full-body mattress. The pulsed electromagnetic field completely envelopes and penetrates the whole body in all three axes (length, width, and height).


THE POWER TO CHANGE The PMT 120 uses two square waves simultaneously to carry the magnetic field directly to the cell at up to 20,000 gausses. What does that mean to you? Simple. Instead of resonating just the receptors on the cell membrane, the PMT 120 delivers harmonic impulses that resonate with the entire cell membrane.

MAS Special Multi-PEMF

The MAS Special Multi+ has a vast array of pre-set programmes to select from, as well as the flexibility to suit the user’s personal needs with individualised programmes. Because of its wide-ranging application possibilities, it allows multiple, adjustable treatment options.

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