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Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Rolfing, the original form of structural integration, is the process of unravelling structural and movement patterns to re-align and balance the body under gravity. This process is done by means of myofascial manipulation and movement education. Myofascia is the muscles and the network of connective tissue that enwraps the muscles (and organs) and gives the body its shape.

The primary goal is to restore alignment and balance by removing restrictions in the fascia network that inhibit the balance of the major segments of the body in relation to the central line of the body. The secondary goal is to support shifts in the unconscious movement patterns that perpetuate the imbalances in your physical structure and to provide new options for the way you move through gravity. As a result of C, your body finds more support, ease, comfort, and responsiveness. Being a whole-person approach to wellness, Rolfing® recognises that changes in structure will affect the whole person—physically, emotionally, perceptually, and energetically.

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