March Bodywork Special

Athlete's Recovery Package Rediscover your peak; redefine your limits. 

A Journey Towards Lasting Health

A Journey Towards Lasting Health

Experience well-being redefined at Bedford Bodyworks, where our journey began in 2010 with a focus on bodywork and has evolved into a comprehensive wellness centre.

Founded by Gregg Guillemette, a 4-time Sport Karate NASKA World Champion, our story is one of resilience and transformation. In the face of adversity and the discovery of his brother's battle with Lyme disease, Bedford Bodyworks became a sanctuary for those seeking health recovery and enhanced athletic performance.

Our offerings go beyond the ordinary. From nutritional supplements bridging the gap to better nutrition to foam rollers facilitating self-myofascial stretching, each product and service contributes to your lasting health. Personal training, the Elements Wellness Protocol, and rejuvenating bodywork are integral components of our approach.