Rolfing Structural Integration

Gain More Freedom of Movement.

Rolfing structural integration is a licensed and nationally certified system of bodywork and movement therapy that gradually makes profound changes in posture and structural alignment – allowing for more flexibility, less tension, lower chance of sprains and tears, and recovery from physical trauma (including workouts).

Some of our clients who have benefited from Rolfing include:

  • Individuals with chronic pain and stress (i.e. from whiplash, car accidents, sports injuries, repetitive muscle strains, etc.
  • Computer users suffering from hand, arm, neck and shoulder pain.
  • People who are stiff and want to improve their flexibility.
  • People who are out of balance or feel chronic tension in their body.
  • Athletes, Dancers, Musicians, and other individuals interested in improved performance.
  • Students and teachers of Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts.
Bedford Bodyworks Can Help With

Tension Headaches

Carpel Tunnel





Chronic Pain

and more...

Treatment Options

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