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Bedford Bodyworks is Southern NH's premier center to help you feel, recover, and perform better. Celebrating over 10 years in business, we regularly assist athletes and individuals of all body types to move, repair, and improve their overall well being.

Our licensed services include massage, Rolfing Structure Integration, ozone saunas, PEMF therapy, performance stretching, percussor (pulse machine), Live02 oxygen therapy, and more.

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Bedford Bodyworks Services Include

We can help alleviate athletic injuries, chronic pain, tension, stress, skin conditions, and more.

When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone about your health?

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What Clients Say

We love hearing from our clients. Their support allows us to keep doing what we love. The following is a small sample of reviews left for Bedford Bodyworks. To view more click the link below.

"I had my second massage today at Bedford Bodyworks it was a great experience. It was one of the best massages I have had."


"First time trying the Rolfing, I loved it, and felt much better after. Thanks Gregg!"


“I am very satisfied with the bodywork I have received from Gregg, he is extremely knowledgeable and professional.”


“I have found PEMF therapy to be extremely beneficial both physically and psychologically.”


“I went in for a consultation and loved the atmosphere, Gregg was very professional, insightful and friendly.”


“I loved getting my first massage at Bedford Bodyworks. The whole place was very pleasant, welcoming, and smelled great.”


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